Familiar Intervention

Scott Duncan and Alex Latham

Space One
Exhibition Runs: 3 – 20 October 2018
Opening night: Tuesday 2 October 2018, 5 – 8pm

Scott Duncan and Alex Latham call on the images of their lives and re-purpose them through ceramics and paint. Both take familiar images and objects and process them into hyper self-referential works that reflect the abundance of images that make up their world-view. The resulting works are absurdist, playful and esoteric portraits of the artists as experienced through their references. 

After all, we are all just the make-up of our references.

About the Artists

Scott Duncan’s body of work explores the method of collage in ceramics, drawing on kitsch, decorative art and craft. The motif of the mask is employed as a method for hiding kitsch, to create something new from the otherwise ordinary. He repurposes graphic design and layers visual themes in an incongruous juxtaposition to create something that on the surface seems familiar and nostalgic but at its heart challenges how we perceive traditional form.

Alex Latham’s body of work explores the navigation of the virtual and physical as spaces with increasingly waning distinctions. The artist’s subject matter is manipulated, amputated and repeated upon before being frantically sewn back together to create something new. The glitch aesthetics of a digital landscape are recalled but made permanent through the process of paint. For the artist, this process has come to symbolise a ‘scatter brain’ phenomenon produced by the hyper-prescience of digital information in seemingly non-digital landscapes.

Image credit: Scott Duncan ‘A most sinister fruit’, 2018. Earthenware and glazes 200 x 230 x 150mm. Photo by: Tim Ford

Photos by Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer.

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