Shallow Kids Present: Klub Kids

Clare Powell and Mark Mailler

16-25 June 2016
Opening Night: Tuesday 21 June 2016; 5-7 PM

Klub Kids crave the Klub. The late nights, dark lights and the booty shakes. The loss of inhibition and the intensity of the party pash. Klub Kids crave the Klub. 

In light of Sydney’s lock out laws, the change in ownership of the iconic Imperial Hotel and the growth in Klub venue regimentation, Klub Kids are now an underprivileged minority; stripped of safe spaces to explore frivolity. 

Through Klub dreamings and collective encouragement, Shallow Kids transform the Kudos Gallery space into an immersive Klub style experience. Employing the use of performance, video installation, collected artefacts and social media forums, Klub Kids reflect their sincere will for political, cultural and social emancipation within contemporary Sydney nightlife. This exhibition will rejuvenate aspects of the city’s creative club cultures (CCC) through the activation of a new Klub site. 

You’re all invited to Klub.

Image: Still from Promotional Video, Shallow Kids, 2016. Photos: Gavin Pili and Zoe May

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