Dionysos Anton 

8 June - 11 June 2016  
Opening Night: Tuesday 7 June 2016, 5-7 PM

'Tyrannium' is a multi-media, reactionary exhibition by Dionysos Anton showcasing the artist’s explorations into the chaotic existence of youth on the fringe of society. 

The narrative of ‘Tyrannium’ is like that of a Cheez-Tv-esque cartoon plots: a chemical culture catalyst, ‘scuzz’, turns a stale UNSW research terrarium into an ultra-violent dystopic society. Tyrannium is born. 

Exploring questions of delinquency and disorder in the contemporary epoch, Anton demonstrates the “trash punx” culture he recalls from his adolescence and art school experience. In conjunction with this personal concern, the artist also references environmental concerns most prevalent in the edge urban living such as excessive waste and over populated share housing. 

The works are a nod to all things anti-style, composed of objects and techniques typical of low fidelity art. 

Image: Scuzz Punx, 2016, texta on paper, 70cm x 100cm. Photos: Gavin Pili and Zoe May

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