Amaya Lang & Sheila Alati

17 February - 27 February 2016 
Opening Night: Tuesday 16 February 2016; 5-7 PM

A shared exhibition of new works by Sydney-based artist Amaya Lang & Tasmanian-based artist Sheila Alati that reflects on our relationship to our insides-envisioning its fluctuating, unpredictable and naturally messy states. Themes concerning the human body are central to the work of each artist and are expressed differently through their respective practices. Amaya Lang’s unsettling sculptures incorporating sound and light, along with Sheila Alati’s two dimensional flows of mixed media on drafting film, consider the bodies mutability, while reflecting on the paradoxical nature of bodily control.

Image: Sheila Alati, Fulfil your function (detail), Mixed media on drafting film 100 cm × 148 cm, 2015. Photos: Gavin Pili and Zoe May

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