A While

Lap-Xuan Do-Nguyen & Jihye Min

2 February - 13 February 2016 
Opening Night: Tuesday 1 February 2016; 5-7 PM

A while explores the perception of time in relation to the fragility and resilience of the human soul. Within the interval, one’s past, present and future are rather the fractions of one’s struggles. Within the interval, there are hopes, doubts, and anything in between. 

Through varying art practices such as Ceramics, Drawings, Installation, Performance, both Jihye and Lap-Xuan express a personal process of healing. Jihye’s works lie along the vacuum time, which may bring her to the real presence. As for Lap-Xuan, the works are found in the intricate threshold between a personal realm and the outside world.

For a while, countless births and deaths happen. The dialogues of human experiences are portrayed gently, yet the yearning for the other ends could be sensitively disturbing.

Image: Lap-Xuan Do-Nguyen & Jihye Min, ‘Dialogue’ – ‘A while’ exhibition development 2015, Mixed media performance installation, Dimensions variable.

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