Interrogation Space

Zachariah Fenn

7-18 July 2015 
Opening Night Tuesday 14 July 2015, 5-7PM

Interrogation Space is a front-on inquisition into Kudos Gallery, its' context, structures and exhibition systems. A curatorial project by Zachariah Fenn, in which 'white cube' gallery conventions are questioned through a subtle merging of artist, curator, art handler and exhibition installer. Featuring important works from past students and responsive installation works from current Fine Arts Honours students, the space will be thoroughly examined throughout the exhibitions' duration. Witness an evocative transformation as Kudos Gallery becomes the blank canvas and its' architecture, install equipment and materials become the catalyst for installation and performance works. This exhibition serves as an 'Institutional Critique' and a fitting homage to the beloved student gallery.

Image: Kudos3dModelMarch2015 Interrogation 1 (Wall Divider stack) 2015, Screenshot

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