Conditions of Entry

Marian Tubbs

3-13 June 2015 
Opening Night: Tuesday 9th June 2015, 5-7PM

Marian Tubbs unveils poetic and political power inside an emotional reservoir of discarded images, poor materials, and 'small' talk. Natural and 'fake' imagery is delicately captured in numerous randomised fluid and static visions. Discarding hierarchy for the more universal nature of the spectrum, she glides effortlessly through a poetic and painterly photographic collision of plastic pearls, fake petals, abstract metals, finger-paintings, gymnastic hoops, stickers, free apps and deformed text. Precarious, fragile, and incommensurable elements come forth into being, shared and valued; fertilised by the intimate valour of recognition. Language provides the platform: no, not the dull edited scripts, ceaselessly repeated, but the spontaneous, sometimes vulgar, emotionally fragile ends of the night. A place where sympathy is strength, where the feminine and found defiantly assert: the poor material is the agent because it is set to fail at being 'fine'.

staylor c/o Minerva, Sydney

Image: Untitled (the sea), 2014,found metals, LED monitor, video 2 min 39 sec,acrylic, latex, petals, spray paint.

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