2012.21-2012.33 Kudos Exhibitions

21. Leeches and Beaches

Sophie Harvey, Kyle Morgan, James McDonald, Kyle Christie, Maddie Lesjak-Atton, Miren Zirante, Tamara Muzikants, Harriet Robey, Pops Bagnall, Patrick Power, Olivia Louella, Lizzie Thomson, Joy Long, Jackie Terrett, Kieran Bryant, Lachlan Herd, Zach Fenn, Phillip Roberts, Rosanna Davies, Olivia Rosebery, Cecilia White, Liz Lester 

28 August- 1 September

During the first week of May, 2nd and 3rd year Sculpture Performance and Installation majors travelled to UNSW's Smith's Lake Research station for a week of intensive art practice. The exhibition will explore a rich relationship between each artists existing practices and the inspiration of the surrounding natural and varied environment of Smith's Lake. 

Showcasing artworks that include a non-premeditated range of mediums that were experimented with during the weeks long experience. In particular found organic and man made objects, natural flora and fauna and the landscape which the surrounds the site.

22. Freedman Foundation Travelling Art Scholarship for Emerging Artists 

4 September- 15 September

23. Tim Olsen Drawing Prize 2012

18 September- 22 September

The Tim Olsen Drawing Prize is a collaborative initiative between the Tim Olsen Gallery and the Department of Drawing and Painting at COFA. With the intention of encouraging excellence in drawing the Tim Olsen Drawing Prize, now in its twelfth year, and the accompanying exhibition are important events in the College and School of Art calendar. The prize will be announced on opening night.

24. This Land of No Horizon

Adam Gibson

25 September- 29 September

Australia is so big, the horizon could almost be said to be "never ending"; as if it is only the limits of our own vision that creates an ending, whereas in reality, the land stretches on (seemingly) forever. There is mystery in that endlessness.


25. Play

Squiggle Collective

2 October- 6 October

A world of endless possibilities are within arms reach and as we all know, it's more fun with friends. So let's come together and celebrate the marvellous world of collaboration with the Squiggle Collective.

26. networked://

Justin Balmain  

9 October- 13 October

My examination of the interrelationships between physical and virtual social models have resulted in sculptural works that move between concrete and virtual form, sometimes blurring the lines between the two. Engaging in online social networks and offline subcultures, I create works that rely both on physical outcomes, and others that remain within digital space.

27. Kudos Emerging Artist & Designer Award 2012

16 October- 20 October

Now in its 11th year, the Kudos Award seeks to recognise, nurture and support innovation and excellence across all disciplines at the UNSW College of Fine Arts. The Annual Award is judged by an external panel, this year made up of Ron and George Adams (MOP and Pom Pom Gallery Directors), Lucy Simpson (Indigenous Designer, Creator of Gaawaa Miyay), and Nick Garner (Director and Producer of Dasplatforms). 

The major prize is $1,500 from Arc @ COFA and runner up prizes for Highly Commended works include donations from Matisse Derivan, Artist Profile, Art Almanac, Performance Space, MCA, Eckersley's, dasSuperpaper and Arc@COFA

28. Exile's Lament

Siân McIntyre  

23 October- 3 November

Signs and songs of a homeland lost but not yet forgotten will invade the white walled Kudos Gallery space, with 138.6 square meters of turf laying the foundation for an enquiry into site, place, history and value.

29. Artifact Cartoons

Samuel James

6 November- 10 November

Artifact Cartoons is a collection of research-animation videos which explore hybrid mechanisms of perception. Through a combination of morphic resonance and accidental encounters, video composition transfers new, animistic phenomena. As we occupy the world it is seen through our interference. Video as a re-animator of the inanimate and simultaneously a displacement of seeing.

30. Palimpsest 

Donna Eddie, Mollie Rice, Christine Wiltshier, Isabelle White, Alex Moore, Nicola Finlay-Jones, Katie Cave, Hannah Carroll Harris, Bec Culican, Angela Tao, Teresa Yang, Michelle Lo  

13 November- 17 November

Applying a palimpsest of notions and interpretations, the loose thread collective reveal art works which express unique dialogues between the artist and their medium.

31. Landscape Projections

Anna Russell, Angela Hayson, Brooke Thompson, Rebecca Geddes, Yana Myronenko, Viruch Pikhuntod

20 November- 23 November 

A collection of works by six artists where the landscape has acted as the muse. Ranging from closely observed localities and sensations of place through to interior landscapes relating to memory and culture.

32. Transformation and Renewal

Elizabeth Gervay 

27 November- 1 December

33. One Thing You Lack

Aaron Moore

4 December- 8 December

What if the sale of any one of the items on this card could save a child's life? Are we obligated to sell it? 
34-year-old artist and international aid worker, Aaron Moore's latest exhibition aims to put the teachings of Jesus Christ and moral philosopher and atheist, Peter Singer, to the test, by literally selling every item he owns and giving it to the poor. Come along and perhaps you might make a purchase that could quite literally save a life.

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