2012.11-2012.20 Kudos Exhibitions

11. The Social Contract

Samuel Kirby, Sonia Tanner, Bill Hope, Jason Farrow and Liam Kane 

15 May- 26 May

The Social Contract is an exhibition that focuses on the ways that "contracts" shape the world we live in, and our attitudes towards their manifestations. We investigate the position of The Social Contract in our contemporary society, and the current times of crisis in a globalised world.

 12. Acting Auditory

Lizzy Thomson, Samara Shehata, Beth Dillon, Nick Fox, Jessica Stewart, Tom Hetherington, Samuel James, Madeline Love, Josephine Skinner, Lena Obergfell, Emily Logan, Kristian Fuhrer, Zac Fenn, Kate Harris, Elizabeth Lester, Olivia Louella, Kieran Bryant and Ludwig El Haddad

Curated by James McDonald 

29 May- 2 June
Acting Auditory explores the links between performance and audio both of which have a definition outside of pure art in acting and music, the question is how deep does their relationship run. Music can and has been severed from the performer through the processes of recording or computer generation, however there remains a human aspect in the manipulation of sound. Does this act of manipulation retain and uphold ideas of performance? Performance, essentially movement, generates its own sounds. It reveals weight, speed, and materiality through contact with the world. If the two are severed what is the result and together how do they relate? Will one dominate the other or are they in harmonious relation working at different levels to create a whole experience.

13. Surge

Lucy Knox

5 June- 16 June

Surge explores the emergence of early adulthood and the impending arrival of awareness and sexuality. Examining race and gender roles, Surge investigates Western culture's impact upon the notion of love between men and women and same sex relationships, blurring aggression and tender sexuality and the confrontation of the male gaze.

14. meaning/ matter

David Greenhalgh and Lisa Sammut 

June 19- 30 June

Understood as a purely human concern, this enquiry into innate tendencies towards lived experience explores the illogical leap between the nature of matter and the act of attributing meaning to it. A product of countless close discussions undertaken during a 6 month stay in Berlin in 2011, meaning/matter will harness an open interaction between discipline and point of view.


15. Glossolalia 

Skye Wagner and Wally McGregor 

3 July- 7 July

Blessed be the infinite form that illuminates the will of understanding. 
Let us systemise our threads of meaning, 
so that we might understand that each of us is a point in space; 
a branch on the tree of binary space partitioning. 
Let us be guided to a set of intersecting points 
and seek orbital momentum in all aspects of being. 
May computational geometry and linear algebra bless our perception. 
May we come together and know we are together. 
May we sufficiently compact mass 
to form a super conductor, 
making new light in another dimension. 
Field of gravity give us your fundamental power, 
illuminating time with relativity. 
Lets us maintain the entanglement of our particles 
and harmonise our entities interaction. 
Know that to be a cosmological constant 
one must oscillate with dynamic instability.

16. Flotsam and Flux

Jack Condon and Rebecca Karageorgos 

10 July- 21 July

Somewhere between light and dark is the truth of who and what we are. There is no sense in showing darkness without beauty or gorging ourselves on the beatific without the pain that is part of everyday reality. We're caught in a sphere of great familiarity and at the same time, a great distance. A sphere where the past and present have been removed and all that remains is a cutout pretending to be something more than the stillness of the moment.

17. Science Fictional

Andrew Frost

24 July- 4 August

Science Fictional is an expanded short story incorporating telemetry from a 3.5 year deep-culture research mission. Six screens of image and four channels of sound were sorted and edited according to strict apophenic principals, eschewing strict temporal alignment while maximising emotional and cognitive response, here presented for your viewing pleasure.

18. Oh, For the Love of Prints!

Prints Charming Collective: 

Rebecca Geddes, Helen Daley, Angela Butler, Anna Russell, Helen Wardle, Jess Bradford, Jessica Hoddkinson, Max Gosling, David Quoy, Kate Landau, Verity Wells and more! 

7 August- 11 August

There is an established tradition in the history of art where artists form collectives and new ideas are born. In this spirit, the Prints Charming (PC) Collective has been set up to allow an environment for printmakers to experiment, collaborate and produce new art. The Collective is based in the backyard of a Newtown residence, where members have access to a printing press, lithography stones and silkscreen equipment. As a grassroots initiative, we endeavour to support an environment that produces high quality art in a studio that brings together the general community, students and professional artists. 

"Oh, for the love of prints!" is a celebration of the diversity of printmaking and the collaborative environments that printmakers work in. Our first public show allows others to get involved and an opportunity to showcase a few of the styles mediums and approaches to print from the members of The Prints Charming Collective.

19. Half a Desk

14 August- 18 August

Half a Desk supported by the SRC @ COFA in response to reduced studio space for students throughout the COFA Building Project .

20. Satellite Garden

Dylan Quirk

21 August- 25 August

Satellite Garden explores fictitious elements of a modernist wasteland. While the aggregation of interrelated earth objects give meaning to the physical parameters of form, speculative elements are realised when filtered through narrative, as a celebration of our current spacetime coordinates.

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