Art Through the Ages the Bog From Whence We Came

David Capra, Katherine Corcoran, Ashleigh Garwood, Adam Gibson, Talitha Klevjer, Stella Rosa McDonald, Claudia Nicholson, Ben Norris, Al Poulet, Joan Ross

Opening Night: 17 August
17 August - 20 August

Art through the ages is a show curated around Kudos Gallery by its representatives, as a response to the idea of "Art and the Everyday", - a sort of "Art AS the Everyday" from the perspective of those obsessed. Forming an important totem for the show is the "bog", both taken as a literal bog and as waste matter, at once a debasement of attempts at civilization and an acknowledgement of our humanity. It is an attempt to understand the Comte de Lautreamont's suggestion, (taken up by numerous art movements from the 20th century onwards), that "Poetry must be made by all and not by one", and how it might pertain to the sole producer. Contexts and power structures are removed as all the artists involved come from diverse backgrounds (representative of what is on offer at the College of Fine Arts) and stages in their lives and careers, so that the viewer may be left with the personal nature of the works and the personalities of the artists. Ultimately the exhibition ponders the random connections (and excretions) that amount to the lived experience.

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