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Julie Burke

Exhibition Opening: 27 July
27 July - 30 July 

"I create work based on memory, residue and inflections, using the car or other vehicles as a location for nostalgia and memory, while punctuating the idea that journeys- geographical and temporal, become circular reconstructions through memory." -Julie Burke

Throughout the duration of this exhibition Julie Burke will create journeys, duels and ambidextrous drawing works of trucks used in construction, documenting the process by filming it, resulting in an installation. The labour-intensive study will mimic that which it refers to- the polluting build-up of graphite vigorously applied, like to that emanating from the vehicles being drawn. The work is based around environmental affects on the unconscious, namely that of close associations with building site experienced by the city-dweller in an increasingly urbanised society, and experienced by Julie Burke herself from proximity to the Frasers development in Chippendale.

ID: Large charcoal drawings of cargo trucks on gallery walls. Two women are viewing the drawings.

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