2010.21-2010.25 Kudos Exhibitions

11. Anti-bodies

Melissa Beowulf, Julie Clarke, Hai Ying Gao, Megan Won

22 June - 26 June 

The disparities of self and self-image, no physical body is so wretched as to be deemed unidentifiable. Traverse mind, body and spirit through the works in this group Masters exhibition
ID: Extreme closeup watercolour of a face, showing eyes and nose. The person's eyes look dark and wet, possibly with tears.

12. Subjectivity & Authorship: Surface & Materiality in Painting & Drawing

Damian Moss

29 June - 3 July 

This exhibition examines how an artist affects the subjectivity and authorship of an image through their handling of surface and their interaction with materials.
ID: White static against a red background

13. The Shape of Language

Stuart Watters

6 July - 10 July 

In a recent essay, Dave Hickey explored the idea that ‘human beings do not express themselves telepathically, everything goes out into the physical world in discreet patterns. It all comes back in through our hardwired capacity to recognize patterns, whether they are meaningful or not.’ In other words, it appears we have the ability to recognize the complexity of an unknown pattern and if no translation exists, we nonetheless attempt to understand what it is before us.
ID: long angular rectangles composed of circles, squares and triangles in shades of grey. The background is white. These shapes are enlarged and repeated on the right side of the image in purple, with red accents.

14. Forecast

Carmel Byrne

13 July - 17 July 

Landscape and maps are a rich source for metaphor yet the perception of maps as Cartesian representations of the grid include all the implications associated with power, ownership and colonisation. For this series of paintings the perspective is raised to the space above land where climate and weather shape it
ID: Graphic, abstract painting of three circles against an orange and beige colour-block background. Two circles are black, the third on th right is half white, and half orange.

15. 410 KG/Second

Kathy Yeh

20 July - 30 July 

An exhibition of light installations exploring the aesthetics of wonder and ocean conservation.
ID: Forced perspective view of a row of clear glasses on a narrow shelf. The glasses appear to be illuminated by blue up-lights. The rest of the image is in darkness.

16. Show Us Your Politics

Camilla Tully

3 August - 14 August 

Art Revolt! Dare to make a work that's a response to the oppressive world you live in! A call out for dangerous and insightful work! Comment on sexism, racism, homophobia, patriarchy, institutions, capitalism, corporations and environmental destruction! Art to inspire, annoy, educate, and empower! "To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing".
ID: Black and white poster-style portrait of a woman eyeing the camera. She has a drawn-on moustache. She has drawn her top up to her armpits, and her body is collaged with images of Tony Abbot, the Coca Cola logo, and an anarchy symbol. Text reads "Show Us Your Politics!"


17. Dislocation

International COFA student exhibition

17 August- 28 August, 2010

Dislocation is the Arc’s annual exhibition aimed at welcoming, exploring and promoting cultural diversity at COFA. This group exhibition offers International and Exchange students as well as local students, an opportunity to creatively express and respond to feelings of exclusion or inclusion inspired by being in a new or foreign place. Dislocation is supported by the SRC@COFA and curated by our International rep Stephen Chikazaza. The opening of the exhibition will feature live performances and a delicious international feast.
ID: Construction fence with red mesh. In the background is the silhouette of a church with three domes. Each dome is topped with a a cross.

18. Simpatico

Brook Morgan

31 August - 11 September, 2010

Pleasure and wonder are at the core of Brook Morgans work and process. This work resonates the beauty found within tactile and somatic inquiry of natural and found materials that are collected, sorted and arranged into gradated colour and archetypal shapes and often meticulously woven configurations. Casurina needles become line drawings and grasses are sorted and woven into quiet landscapes of subdued browns, yellows and greens. This work is made in the vein of an intuitive methodology and inquires into the ways we define and look within the nature of creative research. Intuition admits a type of ‘knowing’ that is fostered through sensorial and visceral connectivity. These works through their treatment, care and consideration permit a sense of sacred or embodied meaning within the objects.
ID: A wreath of natural fibres including grasses and hair, flecked with red. The wreath has been bound at the midsection of the fibres with a white thread.

19. Tim Olsen Drawing Prize 2010

14 September - 25 September 

A collaborative initiative, now in its tenth year, between the Tim Olsen Gallery and the Department of Drawing and Painting at COFA, with the intention of encouraging excellence in drawing.
ID: Portrait-oriented triptych of soft smokey grey watercolour texture against a white background.


20. The Sophia Exchange

Exhibition Management & Curatorial Studies students in the Master of Art Administration program

28 September - 9 October 

The Sophia Exchange project aims to create enduring relationships between the people who live in the neighbourhood surrounding the College of Fine Arts (COFA) and Kudos Gallery, and the students and teachers at the campus and gallery.

It was praxis – and still is in villages and rural communities – that neighbours exchange items and products on a daily basis, which allows them to build relationships based on care for each other. COFA and Kudos Gallery are integral parts of the neighbourhood in Paddington and we hope that by asking our neighbours to actively participate in the project we will forge lasting relationships with them.

The project will ask that members of the surrounding neighbourhood donate a household item such as a piece of furniture, print, textile or other object which they are willing to let an artist from COFA transform. The creatively refurbished item will be exhibited at Kudos Gallery before being returned to its original owner to enjoy a new lease of life.
ID: Extreme close-up of the exterior of Kudos Gallery. The sign that reads "Saint Sophia Hall" has been cropped to simply read "Sophia".

21. Kudos Emerging Artist and Designer Award 2010

12 October - 23 October 

THE KUDOS AWARD now in its ninth year seeks to recognise, nurture and support innovation and excellence across a multidisciplinary field of makers, helping sow the seeds that guide students to evolve into fruitful professional practitioners.

This year our esteemed judging panel reflects a shift in environmental consciousness; 2010 Sydney Biennale artist Janet Laurence beautifully interweaves concerns of nature and architecture with a vivid imagination, David Gravina is the Director of Digital Eskimo, a Sydney based design agency focusing on social and environmental change.

As the artists and designers emerge from the wild undergrowth of COFA into an art world in full flourish, the Kudos Award offers an opportunity for professional development, praise and of course prizes!

Adding to the salute from our judges, the major prize for the award is $1,500 donated by Arc your student organisation. Runner up prizes include a fully subsidised exhibition in 2011 at Kudos Gallery, a massive Ariel bookshop voucher and a healthy package of paint supplies from Matisse. We also have a year long subscription from the amazing Artist Profile magazine, a Sherman Foundation donation and membership pack, and some hot tickets from the Sydney Opera House!

Branch out and let your creative career bloom.

Winner: Eva Mueller, 'Landscapes on hold 1/2'
ID: Map of the streets surrounding Kudos Gallery. Labels read "Kudos Gallery", with circles and arrows instructing "Enrol @ COFA", and "World Domination".

22. A Lesson in Applied Physiognomy 

Nick Brown

26 October - 6 November 
Tom Boyd, Working Man Both Ordinary and Peculiar: A Lesson in Applied Physiognomy.
ID: Rear view of a man in a white shirt and red suspenders is looking out a window. The light beyond him obscures the view outside.

23. Enlightenment Achieving an Illuminated State

9 - 20 November 

COFA 2nd Year Object Design students showcase inspired ideas to lighten our load on the environment.
ID: A cerulean blue background.

24. Evil Paradises

Marilyn Schneider

23 November - 4 December 

Through sculptural installation Marilyn Schneider critiques the relationship between cinema experience and themed environments in commercial spaces such as casinos, resorts and gated communities.
ID: Silhouette of black palm trees against a yellow background.

25. Bunyip Gothic Panto

Graham Cheney

7 December - 18 December 

A series of paintings, created by Graham Cheney that explore how Australia’s developing psyche was influenced by distance, isolation, and fear of the unfamiliar. It was surrounded by a vast unexplored, dark and sinister landscape that conjured stories, telling of the triumphs of the haunted gothic landscape over mortals.
ID: Crop of a framed black and white photo. A man with a gun crouches next to an unidentified slain animal. Text below the pictured reads "Solomon wise wiseman and first bunyip shot and Windsor". Text next to the image reads "BUNYIP GOTHIC PANTO".

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