2010.01-2010.10 Kudos Exhibitions

01. Unearthed

Amanda Ryan

2 February - 13 February

'Unearthed' is a solo graduate show of the research undertaken for the Master of Fine Art degree. This body
of work responds to the notion of the artist as archaeologist.
ID: Silhouette of a squat teapot against a blue, acid-wash textile background

02. The Threads Between

Marnie Ross, Mitchell Kelly, Mike Barnard

16 February - 27 February 2010

Departing from traditional depictions of the image In print, the threads between reveals three painting-based artists’ visceral engagement with sensory and psychological experience in a series of intimate etchings, collagraphs and carborundum prints.
ID: Triptych of three square abstract paintings in warm tones. Each have a crayon-drawn texture.


03. Constructed Painting

Francesca Mataraga, Beata Geyer, Margaret Roberts, Rossana Martinez

2 March - 13 March 2010

The artists in this exhibition use the language of painting and drawing to explore architectural space and three-dimensional space through the use of line and colour. Their work re-invents approaches to these traditional formats.
ID: Horizontal plane filled with a rainbow grid. In the middle of the grid is a concrete pole.

04. Moment: Minus Them & Meaning

Adrian Clement, Alex Clapham, Andrew Haining, Zoe Robertson

16 March - 27 March 2010

Let's play a situationist game, without them or their meanings, artists vs audience, creating disaster without loving it, from A-Z and nothing in between.
ID: A colourful poster for "Moment Minus Meaning" with white text against geometric blocks of blue, red, yellow and green.


05. Women in Piracy

Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Penelope Benton, Tara Cook, Brown Council, Tina Fiveash, Chloe Hughes, The Kingpins, Vicki Papa & Elizabeth Reidy

30 March - 17 April 2010

An exhibition of works by women artists using found, adapted, and stolen media and ideas, as part of the 2010 Sheila Autonomista Festival.
ID: A drag queen standing on the bed of a moving ute and posing. She is dressed as Marie Antionette wearing a voluminous pink skirt, cuffs, and wig. In front of her are tiered trays of small cakes.

06. Eye SPI

Florence Aramiego, Cigdem Aydemir, Eli Braga, Andrew Burford, Alan Chan, Bianca Couchman, Sarah Cunningham, Greta Edmondson, Isaac Gallagher, Eleanore Hanlon, Samantha Jones, Jemma Lee, Claudia Macleay, Bryanna Pearl, Pirapa Prathuangsukh, Shannon Purcell, Kai Lin Ran, Phoebe Rathmell, Thalia Sadumiano, Olivia Spargo, Jennifer Tran, Misha Turovskii, Kari Williams.

21 April – 1 May, 2010

An eye-popping selection of Sculpture, Performance and Installation major and elective studio outcomes so far..
ID: A woman wearing a white tank top, with her arms outstretched. The top of her head is cropped out of the frame. The woman is surrounded by a giant sphere made from the frames of blue lace umbrellas.

07. Out of Space

Lydia Dowman, Claudia Gibson, Sean Valadao Duarte, Benjamin Holdstock, Gemma Messih, Andrew Bass, Sarah Cunningham 

4 May - 15 May, 2010

Out of Space showcases seven photomedia artists whose practice engages with the intangible and the unseen using the visual realism of photography as its basis.

The individual artists investigate and react to the shifting and transient nature of reality; exploring the perception of time, the metaphorical and the metaphysical experiences captured within the photographic visual realm.
ID: Black and white image of a man in a white shirt wading into the ocean. The man is in middle-distance, and the sky is overcast.


SRC@COFA Queer officer Genesis Mansilongan 

18 - 29 May, 2010

A community exhibition to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia featuring works responding to homophobia and violence and promoting messages of acceptance.

ID: Illustration of a stylised faceted pink diamond on a white background.

09. After the Rainbow


1 June - 12 June, 2010

Presenting a new 2-channel video remix investigating the temporal dimensions of cinema through a reimagining of the initial sequence of The Wizard of Oz (1939). Instead of taking Dorothy to Oz, the twister transports a young, hopeful Judy Garland into the future where she encounters her disillusioned adult self.
ID: Image from The Wizard of Oz movie. A sepia-toned Dorothy Gale is shielding her face from a storm. She has been superimposed against a background of a burned film reel.

10. Closer the Distance

Harriet Body, Claire Flannery, Imogen Heath, Che Ritz

15 June - 19 June, 2010

‘A Closer Distance’ explores four female artists reflections on human correlation. The Artists have been brought together due to their contemplative explorations of the body, intimacy and the need for human kind to explore such themes. The exhibition speaks of both closeness and divide, through a discussion of public and private space and physical bodily connections. As well as personal reflections on such topics, connections to external personal histories are also explored.
ID: A woman in white lies on her back, surrounded by people crouching over her. Each person is holding a red stethoscope, the tail ends of which are fed through holes in the clothing of the woman in the centre of the image.

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