2007.21-2007.28 Kudos Exhibitions

21. Dislocation

Exhibition Opening: 6.00-8.00 PM, 11 September

Exhibition continues until September 15

Annual exhibition exploring cultural diversity and feelings of displacement or dislocation by students studying in a foreign country or place, supported by Arc @ UNSW.
ID: An Australian Student Visa, granted by Sydney City Office. The visa's watermark includes the Australian Coat of Arms, and a background of diagonal wavy lines.

22. Tim Olsen Drawing Prize 2007

Exhibition Opening: 6.00-8.00 PM, 18 September

Exhibition continues until September 22
Annual Drawing Prize supported by Tim Olsen Gallery and the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. 
ID: Colour pencil sketch of a humanoid/ owl being with closed eyes and. a mouth which resembles a closed beak, or stitches.


23. Contemporary Tales of Muted Truths

Amanda Wood and Manuela Alebardi

Exhibition Opening: 6.00-8.00 PM, 25 September

Exhibition continues until September 29
A collection of video art and installation works.
ID: Head and shoulders portrait of a dead woman. Her black hair is splayed out on a surface, as if she is lying on a mortician's gurney. Her mouth and face are covered in blood.

24. Golden Ticket- Arc @ UNSW Emerging Artists & Designers Award

Exhibition Opening: 6.00-8.00 PM, 9 October

Exhibition continues until October 20
Annual award promoting excellence in arts and design at the UNSW College of Fine Arts.
ID: Metallic gold ticket with a decorative border. Text reads "Golden Ticket"

25. Liqu(id)

Tania Browitt, Gonzalo Echeverria, Andrew Tenison and Caterina Pacialeo.

Exibition Opening: 6.00-8.00 PM, 30 October

Exhibition continues until November 10
ID: Pale grey logo reading "Liq(id)" against a while background. The typeface a contemporary sans-serif in all-caps.

26. The Alumni Prize

Exhibition Dates: 6 - 10 November

An annual non-acquisitive prize for an artwork created by a member of the UNSW Alumni Association: COFA Chapter.
ID: Repeated motif of a lower-case "a". Each letter is a different colour, and slightly overlaps the letter behind it.

27. Grotto Metro

Justin Shoulder

Exhibition Opening: 6.00-8.00 PM, 27 November

Exhibition continues until December 1

Creating ceremony in a material city, fantastic creatures are danced into existence. This exhibition reveals encounters with these urban life forms.
ID: Photo of an empty road at night. White, all-caps text reads GROTTO METRO. Each letter is composed of tight, messy curls.

28. Time and Reference

Exhibition Dates: 12 - 15 December

Time and Reference is a group show of Photomedia works by ANU School of Art undergraduate students from 2006.
ID: A bald man wearing a suit is sitting in an armchair. The room around him is dark, dimly lit by a lamp outside the frame.

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