1. Zi Qin, Apple Whiskey, 2021, Mixed media, 37x52 cm

  2. Zi Qin, Dead, 2021, Mixed media, 37x52 cm

  3. Zi Qin, Leon Gin, 2021, Mixed media, 37x52 cm

  4. Zi Qin, Orange Mandarin, 2021, Mixed media, 37x52 cm

  5. Zi Qin, She, 2021, Mixed media, 37x52 cm

Once, T.S. Eliot wrote in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock:

“Time for you and time for me,

And time yet for a hundred indecisions, And for a hundred visions and revisions, Before the taking of a toast and tea.”

Every artwork is based on a photograph that Zi Qin took. They represent the sense of visions in the past. By recreating them, they become the revisions of his life. Between these visions and revisions, He tends to explore the mist of confusion and impatience at the age of 20, though, it forms an endless overthinking. Time and space being the essential subject of contemporary art, it is lost in every moment of frustration and found in every moment of silence.

“And indeed there will be time

To wonder, “Do I dare?” and, “Do I dare?”.
Zi Qin
Insgargam @leonqinnn

Zi Qin (b. 2000, Sydney, Australia) is a multidisciplinary Chinese-Australian artist based in Sydney. He is currently studying at UNSW for his Bachelor degree of Fine Art.

With living experiences in both China and Australia, social and cultural struggles as a misfit form the key inspiration to his practice. Evoked by the suffering of frustration, he captures the unspeakable relationship with others through drawing and painting, and explores the tension between humour and impatience of the new generation. If drawing and paintings is a way to understand his subconscious, then sculptural installation is his response to the past. By reconsidering the existences of daily objects, he recontextualises such materials into an image of urban loneliness.

Qin has been working in the UNSW Galleries since the beginning of 2021, and later of the year, he curated a student exhibition- ‘In A/Temporal Moment’ in AD Space, which is considered as a statement of a new generation.

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