1. Avocado Vase 2021. Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze. 9cm*7cm*13cm.
  2. Corn Tunnel 2020. Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze. 14cm*4cm*8cm.
  3. Dancing Squash Vase 2021. Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze. 14cm*14cm*14cm.
  4. Pumpkin Teapot 2020. Stoneware, Underglaze, Glaze. 11cm*14cm*18cm.

The sculpture is a form of my self-portraits.

Mushrooms are a type of fungi, they like to grow in the dark without much sunlight. They absorb the nutrients they need from dead and rotting plants, where they live.

This series of mushroom works are a self portrait. It represents how I feel safe and more confident in my own space such as my studio. Just like mushrooms living in places not easily seen, they continue to flourish and become beautiful. It is difficult for me to be myself in public where there are lots of peering eyes, opinion, standards, and rules. That environment makes me uncomfortable just like a mushroom would be deteriorated under very open the bright light place. I’m shy and reserved however I can be myself in my own world, people may not see my world but it exists and flourish.

I collected local vegetables and fruits from the local farmer’s market and friends, family’s backyards , and made plaster moulds out of them, and transformed them to ceramic forms. These ceramic vegetables represent Australia and the mushrooms growing on these vegetables and fruit represent me as an outsider living in Australia. Similar to mushrooms absorbing nutrients from where they live , I have absorbed the culture, education, and knowledge of Australia to survive.  
Yang Qiu
Instagram @albatrossceramic

Yang Qiu is an interdisciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia. She explores the surface and shapes of food in painting and ceramic. Yang works with a technique of mould made ceramic objects transform vegetable (corn, eggplant, and pumpkin) and fruits(avocado, rockmelon, and mandarin) to functional ceramic tablewares and sculpture. She additionally works a lot of self- portraits to express and know about herself through a multidisciplinary practice of ceramic and painting. She wants to through different period of her self-portraits to recording herself at various stages of her life.

She has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, including “This Is What Your Tax Dollars Are Paying For” at AD Space 2017, “Ceramics at UNSW art and design, recent works” Sydney Craft week exhibition at AD Space 2017 and “Goodstuff @ Goodspace” at Goodspace Gallery 2017,
“ The Sydney teapot show” at Kerrie Lowe gallery 2019 and in the finalists of the 2019 Blacktown city art Prize.

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