All cultures are diverse in nature and cannot persevere in isolation with art being the best evidence that culture thrives through hybridity.

'The Third Space’ represents autobiographical stories of artists living in Australia who have either migrated from Asia or grew up in families of Asian background. The exhibition explores new ways in which contemporary art engages with the shifting boundaries of Asian and Australian cultural hybridity.

Living in Australian society, artists experience cultural exchanges and conflicts as part of everyday life. As Australian artists of Asian background they are fortunate to interact with multiple cultures, but the collision of various cultures can challenge one's sense of identity. In Homi Bhabha's 'The Location of Culture', Cultural Hybridity represents a phenomenon of mixing multiple identities and different cultures. It refers to a new cultural identity that arises from encounters of various cultures.

These artists experience Cultural Hybridity through active personal exchange between Australian and Asian aspects of their identities.

To navigate these, sometimes conflicting aspects of their identities, these artists are focusing on establishing a new cultural space for themselves - The Third Space. They are seeking to acknowledge and understand their own hybridised psychological and cultural structures in order to overcome the challenges to their sense of identity. In this exhibition, the artists are exploring their Third Space, a space where their personal experiences are expressed through artwork using various media and techniques to tell their stories.

Rather than choosing "art for art" and focusing purely on the creative process, these works are integrating artists' experiences in a multicultural society and communicating their individual perspectives.

The exhibition aims to show that, for Australian artists of an immigrant background, cultural hybridity can represent a rewarding process that stimulates interaction between different cultures, thereby enriching the creativity and communicating new social values. The hope of familiarising the audience with the concept of the third space and communicating rejection of racial conflict and discrimination are the values behind this exhibition. It represents overcoming the social challenges of living in multicultural society and establishing one's identity by acknowledging and accepting the state of hybridity. Aiming to emphasise the creative potential of cultural hybridity, this exhibition translates a sense of growth that strives for an attitude of openness to different cultures and their shifting values.

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