Product Information: Blake Wilson
Prints: “I Watch You Dance But I No Longer Join In

A4 print
Printed onto 225 gsm paper.
Edition of 6

Shipping Type: Small Parcel $9.95

'I Watch You Dance But No Longer Join In' is a digital collage created in 2020 using a free photo editing app. Blake uses self portraiture to process complex feelings, in this case grief from a break up.

Image description of collage:
A digital collage on a green background and a green tint. The left side has a cut out of Blake's head (white non binary person with short orange hair) wearing a head harness with a spider gag and nose hooks pulling up his nose. This cutout is placed onto a photo of Blake's body- facing away from the camera knees to waist of Blake in a tartan mini skirt with his butt showing. The images don't match up - the head is facing forward and the body behind. To the right is a love heart cut out of a grainy sky photo. Added black text with red outline that reads: I watch you dance but I no longer join in. There are three streaks of light across the collage which changes the hue of the image, so it appears in those sections as blue and red.

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