A group exhibition of graphic designers not adhering to a brief.

Mother Daughter

By Monisha Chippada

Milkica Pavlovic & Lora Adzic

What are some personality traits you share ?

M: My kids have picked up from me my work ethic. They are hard workers. And they are good people.

L: She's essentially saying that we were a couple of angels because she is an angel.

M : Lora has a beautiful soul. I'm not sure if she picked it up from me or someone else.

L: I've picked up anything good that I have from her. Except being a clean freak - I definitely picked that up from her. Mum is super caring and strong and I hope that I have gotten a little bit of those qualities from her.

Hong Juan Guo (Jane) & Ling Ling Zhang (Katherine)

What was your life like when you were Katherine’s age?

J: I grew up in China in a small beautiful town close to the ocean. It was lovely. When I was Katherine's age I was in China and was teaching and it was so amazing. I was also dating my husband back then.

K: It's comforting to know that she had a very happy and lovely childhood. Comparing it to myself it's interesting to see how my mum became a teacher so quickly. I feel like I'm still trying to find my way about where I want to be and she was pretty concrete about being a teacher at the time.

Barathiedevi Naicker (Pauline) & Deeandri Naicker (Deeanne)

What was your life like when you were Deeandri’s age?

P: When I was Dee’s age I was married with a kid. I had my son at 21. It was a lovely and beautiful life. I enjoyed having my son and having him at that time and taking care of the family; it was a nice time.

D: It's kind of crazy to think about that. I can't imagine looking after anyone else like my mum still looks after me at this age. 

Eman Al-Khawaldeh & Leila Frijat

How is your life similar and different to your daughters ?

E: In some ways it's similar and some ways it's different. My kids if they did something they didn't like they wouldn't stick with it. But for us if we did something we didn't like we had to keep doing it because we didn't have any other choice. Women these days have choice whereas we didn’t.

I am happy being in Sydney. I miss my family but my life is here. I haven't seen my family in a long time. It's hard when you live far away from your family but I love Australia. It's given me a lot of things. I am happy and it's an easy life here.

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