Annie Guo (Pencil Critter)

Hi there! I’m Annie (aka Pencil Critter). I’m an illustrator whose work is inspired by forests, museums and fantasy. I enjoy making little art goodies that bring a little bit of whimsy into your everyday life, and celebrate the adventure of being your authentic, curious self. All of my art is lovingly-made and sustainably packaged. My favourite colour is sun yellow.

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Deb Vecchi

Deb Vecchi is a painter, recently graduated with a dual Bachelor of Fine Arts and Languages at UNSW Sydney, majoring in Painting and Chinese. Deb believes knowing languages enriches our soul and our understanding of the world, therefore helping my inspiration for new works.

In 2018 she moved back to Europe, where she was enrolled at the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia studying painting studio practice. This experience helped Deb look for new inspirations and gain more skills.

Blake Wilson

Blake Wilson is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is informed by intimacy and mental illness. Being a non-binary trans boy his work draws from the queer community and embodying personal experiences. Creating in performance, textiles and photography his aesthetics speak to drag and DIY culture. Clowns are often a motif in his work of him; a way he relates to being an othered body in a binary world. ‘I Watch You Dance But I No Longer Join In’ was made during a breakup, an attempt to assert distance from my ex lover.

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Chloe Kelly

Chloe Kelly is an artist and writer practicing on Cadgial land. She is currently interested in the semantic, aesthetic and material patterns in our meaning-making practices and uses generative technology to try make sense and nonsense of them. Her practice engages in generative technology and meaning making, using the interaction of these forces to create moments of unlearning, and spaces for speculative performances of being, doing and making. She coordinated the 2020 UNSWeetened journal and writes essays, which live on her hardrive for now.

My work, 'Leftover Valentines', is a melted array of the aesthetic and semantic patterns of Valentine's day. Trained on images of jewellery, teddy bears, chocolates and roses, the work is a set of printed AI generated images. The images would be sold as both digital and physical prints. The physical prints would be printed on scented card and have a curated generated love letter printed on the back.

This work lingers in the constructed aesthetic and semantic meanings of love, lust and gifting. In the confusing mixtures of bodies, openings, lovers, words, objects and shapes, the original meaning of these gifts are lost, creating space for the viewer to speculate new meanings and non-meanings of the valentine gift and the love letter. In this, I hope they can speculate, imagine and revel in new performances of desire, wanting and love.

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Sandra Gunniga Thomson

Sandra Gunniga Thomson is an illustrator and animator currently in her Honours year of a Bachelor in Media Arts. Within her works is a clear fondness for the absurd and fantastical, with a particular thematic interest in facades. Whilst at first glance the stories and worlds conveyed in her illustrations appear whimsical and lovely, there lies some hidden flaw - sinister or grotesque - that is slowly revealed upon close examination.

As an illustrator, I find satisfaction in seeing works that I've created digitally or on paper reproduced in a physical form - whether it takes the shape of stickers, zines, comics, or prints. My approach to art is through storytelling, and the subjects featured are characters designed with the intent of belonging to larger stories and worlds - that I often revisit across my artworks. Recently, I have enjoyed designing stationery and accessories as a new way to realize my illustrations.

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Natasha Tupas (The Constellation Co.)

The Constellation Co. storty began due to Natasha’s interest in fashion, jewellery and interior design. The collection of unique art, trinkets and souvineers from her local and international travels inspired her to create and curate her own brand.

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Tessa-Walker Charles AKA Ultra Bitch

Tessa Walker-Charles aka ULTRA BITCH is a multi-disciplinary artist, with their practice spanning across the digital and physical, including: performance, film, photography, written word art and painting. Tessa works to unravel and build new, de-colonial pathways forward, using their practice to critique and disrupt ideals of colonialism through engaging with Afro-futuristic practices, as a means of envisioning new futures, both in relation to identity, creative practices, and community.

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