Kudos Shop now offers shipping!

Shipping Information:

Kudos Shop now offers flat rate shipping via Australia Post! 

How do we calculate our Shipping?

Shipping is calculated by the total weight of all the items in your cart.

How do I choose the correct Shipping option?

At the checkout you will need to add the weight of all items in your cart to calcualte the weight total. The weight total will tell you your shipping cost. You will then need to select the appropriate shipping option for your order. Kudos Shop will then review your order. If you have selected the incorrect shipping option we will contact you 👍🏽

Does Kudos Shop Ship Australia Wide?

Yes we do!

See our chart for shipping costs below:

 Pack Size 


 Cost (AUD) 

Small Pack
1g - 500g
Medium Pack
500g - 1kg
Large Pack
1kg - 3kg
Extra Large Pack
3kg - 5kg

Add Shipping at the Check out to get your new Artworks! 
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