1. Chogajib with fullmoon  ( acrylic , mixed media on canvas 30*40)

  2. Lotus Lantern on night sky (acrylic on canvas 30*40) 

There are some scenes in her memory. Jungmin doesn’t know whether it was from a real moment or a movie screen but they remain in her mind. She can’t tell if it was from her childhood memory or some beautiful spots which she has recently visited were impressive. They constantly illuminate in her mind like a picture memory: a moonlight shining in the middle of the night and a sparkling lake and a lonely riverboat is waiting. A glimpse of a school of koi swimming in the lake enjoying moonlight showers and lotus lanterns turning into stars raining down in the sky, and a beautiful yellow butterfly flying in front of her eyes and suddenly realize the wonders of nature.

These calming and wonderful scenes may people all have somewhere in their minds and cherish them as a sanctuary.

But expressing them rather into this mystic and grotesque ways, emphasizing the life that has full of wonders and unpredictability with unsolved puzzled memories and mysteries are everywhere, they are mingling together as one picture, revealing the adversity and complexity yet wondrous moments of life.

This surreal moment we are dreaming is another place in between various and complicated cultures where we are all dwelling.
Jungmin Lee
Instagram @favourinyou

Jungmin Lee is a South Korea-born Australian artist. Jungmin completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of Art.

Her works are currently based on acrylic painting with mixed medium; she loves to mingle with metal objects, the collaboration of shining effects of the metallic features into her work.
She likes the notion of senses of yearning and nostalgic experiences and to reflect the memory and sensation of her experiences in a grotesque and mistic way.

She wants to enjoy a starting journey of a visual artist expressing and exploring the meaning and the new of everyday life in an abstract and surreal style. She likes to deliver her artworks bring a reminiscence to people.

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