1. 1. Homage (detail)_2012_hanji paper, pencil, ink, cotton thread, canvas_152 x 152 cm 
  2. Winter Letter_2019_hanji paper, ink, pencil, cotton thread_106 x 67 cm
  3. Early Spring _2018_acrylic on canvas_168 X168 cm
  4. Infinity : chapter 2_2018_acrylic, gold leaf on canvas_25 x 25 cm (9 panels)
  5. Letters from Home : chapter 2_acrylic on canvas_30 x 30 cm (16 panels)

Hyun-Hee Lee is a Korean-Australian artist whose work traverses the traditional Korean and Western art practices. She is part of the Asian diaspora, coming to Australia from Korea she experienced feelings of cultural and emotional displacement. These commonly encountered feelings encourage her to investigate ways to connect to the culture that shaped her life before migrating to Australia. Through her art she aims to establish a spiritual and cultural connection with her country of birth, this has been the driving force that has sustained and developed her art practice.
Her work explores a means of establishing connections with her family and culture of Korea by interrogating the many rituals and practices which influence the daily lives of Koreans.

She achieves this by recreating and re-contextualizing traditional religious rituals, cultural practices and customs in a contemporary context through the lens of her own experience, creating an ongoing working process which is meditative and ritualistic in its construction.

Her art blurs the conventional distinction between writing, painting and installation but through a combination of line, scale, color and medium she eloquently expresses the emotions revealed in the pages of her diaries and journals which she uses as her source material.
Hyun Hee Lee
Insgaram @artisthyunhee

Hyun-Hee Lee has a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) from the National Art School. She was awarded the Bird Holcomb Foundation Honours Fine Art Scholarship in 2010. Also she completed a Master of Fine Arts (Research) from the University of New South Wales Art and Design in 2015.

She has been awarded many residencies including a Red Gate Residency in Beijing, China 2012 and the Onslow/Storrier La cite International des Arts Paris Residency from the National Art School in 2013, also awarded a COFA travelling Grant from UNSW.

Hyun-Hee was the winner of the John Coburn Emerging Artist Award, under the auspices of the Blake Prize in 2012 and finalist 2013 and received acquisition award in JADA 2014 and 2018. Her works have been selected for numerous National Art Awards and Prizes including HIDDEN Rookwood sculptures 2021, Dobell Drawing Prize #21, Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award, Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Sunshine Coast Art Prize and KAAF Art Prize.

Hyun-Hee has had many solo and selected group exhibitions. She is represented by Artereal Gallery in Sydney and Kara’s Gallery in Seoul.

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