10-Feet of Penetration (2020). Tree branches, threads and remnant fabrics. Dimensions variable.

Where did my root start? Where is it now? Where is it going?

Root, the origin and sustainable source of lives, remaining silent and quiet underneath, hiding and concealing its traces while the visibles attract all the attentions.  

In the present era of globalisation, modern society is rapidly revolutionising with new technologies. It intensified flow and volume of human population, information and value around the globe surface at a transcendence. There are more people who choose to move out of the homeland for better life upon freedom, where the relocation significant affects their sense of belongingness by instability of these people’s subjectivities/positions in borderline.

10-Feet of Penetration is a self-exploring work on the artist’s identity crisis and query about “self” that is in a state of “both this and that, but neither this nor that.” It is an act to justify her hybrid identity and metaphysical sense of cultural in-betweenness in order to sublimate the feelings of confusion and ambiguity as a natural part of one’s becoming self.

Taking an inspiration from a metaphor of Korean spirituality, dandelion’s root is utilised to manifest the artist’s hyphenated and ever-changing identity. By presenting a root that is unidentifiable, mixed with different types and colours of threads, the artist arouses a sense of confusion to reveal her “in-betweenness” as a migrant, who floats in unstable, dangerous, hybrid zone of indeterminate “neither here nor there.”

Through this artwork, the artist attempts to re-interpret her hyphenated identity under “hybridity”. As modern people are almost impelled to constantly negotiate one’s identity upon fluctuating world, she suggests “identity crisis” as a shared concern amongst contemporary selves, asserting transnational solidarity. A cultural theorist Homi Bhabha sees “hybridity” as a strategic reversal of the production of discriminatory identities that secure the ‘pure’ and ‘original’ identity of authority. By expressing uncertainty and ambiguity as an innovative sign of hybridity, the artist allows herself to escape from self-problematisation and embrace multiplicity/diversity of the inner and outer world undergoing endless production.
Hansul Park
Instagram @surihan_n

Hansul Park is a Korean-Australian artist, based in Sydney, Australia. Her artistic practice is drawn from a personal experience of transnational displacement, exploring ideas of diaspora, identity and hybridity within the contemporary context of globalisation. She reflects upon personal identity crisis as a migrant, seeking for an ultimate answer to “who I am”. Hansul works across discipline boundaries including photography, sculpture, moving image and installation in an on-going exploration on representation of hybrid identity.

Hansul has completed Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts in 2020 and currently undertaking Honours as a continuation. She was a semi-finalist in Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize in 2015, received a Favuette Loureiro Memorial Artists Exchange Scholarship in 2019. In 2020, Hansul was included in the SCA Degree Show and will be featured in the Airspace at the end of 2021.

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