“Sneakers and Sari” (2021, Oil on Wooden Panel, 30cm)

The self-portrait titled "sneakers and sari" is my attempt at exploring the hybridity of my identity as a Sri Lankan born Australian. In "location of culture" (2004), Homi Bhabha defines hybridity as a non-essentialist notion that does not call for an eternal or universally pure culture which can be studied or returned to. Bhabha sees 'hybridity' as a constant intermixing of new and disparate elements. The artwork depicts the modern Sri Lankan woman, identifying her as a mixture of the pre-colonial identity and the identity created through colonial intervention.
Dilara Niriella

Dilara Niriella is an emerging artist practicing in Sydney, Australia. She utilises methods of assemblage, photography and painting interchangeably throughout her process. This hybridised approach to art making has allowed for the development of oil paintings that blur the distinction between mediums. Her aim in creating these works is to lure the viewer by evoking a sense of familiarity and nostalgia.

Dilara has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (honours) degree from UNSW. She has won multiple awards including the Young Archies (2016), The Mosman Youth Art prize (2018). Dilara has been a finalist in other competitions such as The Jenny Birt Prize (2020). She has also appeared as a series presenter for Channel 7’s children’s art show “Get Arty”.

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