Chloe Kelly
Chloe Kelly is an artist and writer practicing on Cadgial land. She is currently interested in the semantic, aesthetic and material patterns in our meaning-making practices and uses generative technology to try make sense and nonsense of them. Her practice engages in generative technology and meaning making, using the interaction of these forces to create moments of unlearning, and spaces for speculative performances of being, doing and making. She coordinated the 2020 UNSWeetened journal and writes essays, which live on her hardrive for now.

My work, 'Leftover Valentines', is a melted array of the aesthetic and semantic patterns of Valentine's day. Trained on images of jewellery, teddy bears, chocolates and roses, the work is a set of printed AI generated images. The images would be sold as both digital and physical prints. The physical prints would be printed on scented card and have a curated generated love letter printed on the back.

This work lingers in the constructed aesthetic and semantic meanings of love, lust and gifting. In the confusing mixtures of bodies, openings, lovers, words, objects and shapes, the original meaning of these gifts are lost, creating space for the viewer to speculate new meanings and non-meanings of the valentine gift and the love letter. In this, I hope they can speculate, imagine and revel in new performances of desire, wanting and love.

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Digital Print “Leftover Valentines

AI generated image
1024px x 1024 px
unlimited edition (print-on-demand)

Shipping Type: Small Parcel $9.95

Images generated by a Neural Network trained on dataset of Valentine'sDay media e.g. bears, roses, chocolates and jewellery. The work observesthe intersection between love, desire and the digital though the lingeringleftovers of February 14th which lie untouched across the internet. Throughthis generative system - the artist has repurposed the leftover Valentinesand is giving them to you, sorry it is a bit late x

All sales of the digital images go to funding the artists continued researchinto generative systems.

Limited Edition Print Set “Leftover Valentines

AI generated poem and image, printed and curated into set
Limited edition of 14
12.7 x 12.7 cm
20 grams

Shipping Type: Small Parcel $9.95

Decorative print set, including unique AI generated print and love letter.The prints and love letters are generated by a Neural Network trained onValentine's day media and curated by the artist. The work observes theintersection between love, desire and the digital though the lingering leftovers of February 14th which lie untouched across the internet. With the addition of the love letter, the sets are intimate, non-intimate mementos of alove which isn't yours, and isn't anyone else's, but feels like it could be.

All sales of the decorative sets go to funding the artists ongoing researchinto Neural Networks and generative systems.

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