Billie Posters
 Posters is a potter and printmaker who has been known to spend free time wallowing in performance art. 

Posters is currently preoccupied with making tacky little vases that precociously considered themselves as tributes to classic camp cinema.

“The Valley of the Xans” 

This series of vases is a dedication to the worst movie ever made. Valley of the dolls is notorious to film buffs as the original needle in the eye movie. But to queer people and their extended chosen family, this movie represents the Old Testament of camp. 

First released nearly 60 years ago, the film reads as a contemporary story that beckons to the epidemic of opiate addiction and the unveiling of institutional sexual violence in Hollywood, that  stain our view of society today. 

“Pill Bottles” - Mini Pots

approx 8.5cm x 12.5cm x 8.5cm


11 x 11 x 23cm

“Britney” - Large Pot

25 x 25 x 34cm

“Fame Whore” - Large Pot16  x 14 x 38cm

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