Reducto Palettum

Matti. | ︎ ︎
Access start date 13 / 05 / 20 @ 6pm - Access end date 24 / 05 / 20 @ 9pm

I am an eclectic, inter-trans-multidisciplinary artist with a fondness for photography, large-scale painting, digital glitching, drawing, sculpting, transgression, and random acts of senseless beauty.

My favourite movements include fauvism, impressionism, pop, and psychedelic art. I like to find the sublime in any subject, even if it takes me some time to recognise it, and I’m more than happy to use my practice for political effect, especially if it involves breaking a rule or two.

I am currently studying fine art through the School of Art & Design at UNSW in Sydney, Australia, where I recently completed a large pop art mural and my first solo exhibition.

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