Mother’s Lament
The Crow and The Koyal

Could I tell you I see you and don’t see difference in/difference?
Could I tell you I’m not cracked and creamed to have no resemblance?
Could I ask you to climb out of my our home and fly to where you belong? No, I
Can’t, I promised myself I’d love you even if it took long… I
Can’t ask you to grow a spine because there is no back home for you I
Can’t because in your past your home was a homebody of feathers I
Could have never called family or familiar but, I

Can call you mine, can’t I? I
Can tell you that when you’re old enough and your feet
can claw at worms and beaks can pinch their backs, you can
come back home to me. And I
could call you mine. And I will
call you mine.

Killed me with every contracted push I don’t
Know how I can go on without you how I won’t
Know how to make you a home how to build something you
Know this is all I saw this is all my mother
Knew she told me this- this is how I should
Knit you a future – safe in the
Knowledge that there will come a time and I will always

Know you were mine I
Know when you’re old enough and your
Knees bend and snap and grab at gnats, and you think back to
Knick-knacks of memory of a body that felt like home I
Know you will remember you will
Know you are mine.

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