Keira Bower

As an ode to one of my close friends, I wanted to use the metaphor of Saturn to show my deep appreciation for her spiritual discipline and biblical wisdom. Though extremely humble and timid in nature, I aimed to centre her in the piece and portray her as I hope many see her: a light in our community. Drawing upon ancient Greek and Roman mythology to create a sense of enduring power over time, I wanted to create a lyrical, multi-faceted piece that could probe further research and interest in the themes of history, tradition, the ephemerality of humankind, reverence, spirituality and our celestial neighbours.

The story begins in the aphotic radius of our archipelago

A summit contained in its heavenward vault

Who simpers with lustre as the men below

pursue with tether in hand, flash impending assault

ashen faces and betrayal, till Sunday he is veiled.

And so the reign of Saturn was declared, a revelatory tableau

Appointed cousin of an agricultural deity

grasp is narrow and she longs to tell them "sow"

Much obliged to remember Miss daily

Thanks to Archimedes, Galileo, and Cassini?

Did he notice her rapture, tucked in bandeau,

The millions of fawns that canter upon her suede,

envy the cut of her Citrine halo,

Though the stars where long forbade?

Till kingdom come, ad infinitum

Hence 'tis vital that you hark her sigh, cherish her glow

Buzzing now, Things are not as they seem

Girdle threatens to shatter, that anonymous plateau

forecast: jet stream

Humbly Shifts from halcyon to reigning champion

Boasting the nimble whirlwind, orderly in flow

With hexadic borders if that weren't enough

Whisking about, Tutoring vertigo

Saturn's presence an ethereal tariff on our history's bluff

Home to Calypso's castle, watching Apollo's capsule


Lemon scented tears to you we owe

I choose interstellar over scant alchemy

For between the stars lay your Tempo

Though your stolen rings line our gallery

Still you lead me with enchanting rhapsody

Make me still and centre my gravity.

She is Saturn.

Long ago, in the darkness of our galaxy, Saturn lies high above within its heavenly shelter. Saturn smiles and shines looking at men below who threaten and betray her.

The men claim Saturn and use her as a symbol, they tie her to the god of agriculture to better make sense of the world but this is foolish. Saturn wishes to tell them of their folly and makes a joke about how they wouldn't believe their theory even if she literally told them to "sow" seeds. Though they make an effort to remember her, she finds it amusing that historical figures such as Cassini, Galileo and Archimedes try to define her and that humans don’t realise she doesn't need to be remembered by them.

Saturn ponders whether the men stop to admire her features, her beauty fully, her colour, rings and texture, her power. She admires that despite the universes' propensity to keep its secrets safe from man we still endeavour to study her even if its taken a long time for us to observe her up close. She reiterates that knowing her fully is futile until kingdom come, a biblical reference.

In the meantime, we must come to accept this and spend as much time as possible merely appreciating her and what she wants to teach us, she becomes furious to teach us and grabs our attention with the annual event of Saturn's jet streams.

Though she is powerful, she exercises power in a graceful and righteous way. She reveals her power through natural phenomena's like hexagonal jet streams. She is faster that the concept of vertigo. She cannot be fully understood through humanity's explanations of her, she is a loop hole. She is a mythical stowaway island, she observes our somewhat doomed journeys.

To seek the majesty she channels through exploring her design, her aura over the restrictive language we use to define her scientifically. In order to understand God's omnipotent glory, I want to not only acknowledge her, but learn from her.

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