@jadfad: a social media feed in paint

Amber Boardman

12 - 29 September
Opening night Tuesday 11 September 2018 from 5pm-8pm
Artist to Artist Workshop to be held on Saturday 22 and Wednesday 26 September. Book here

Amber Boardman paints the endless desire to improve the body as promoted by Internet and social media culture through makeup, hair dye and spray tans —the transformative ‘paint’ women use in everyday life. This exhibition comprises 32 paintings which become the Instagram posts of Boardman’s invented character, Jade. The exhibition exists both physically in the gallery and online through a series of social media feeds. This exhibition explores how contemporary painting can collide with Internet beauty culture, and in the process, create new forms of narrative and commerce on social media. Programme highlights include a print catalogue produced for the exhibition with an essay by Brigitte Mulholland, Director of Anton Kern Gallery in New York. Boardman will conduct Artist-to-Artist Workshops during the exhibition, engaging in one-on-one dialogues with artists and offering her experience as a fellow artist, university lecturer, and PhD student. Boardman first engaged in Artist-to-Artist Workshops during an exhibition in America last year as a way of rethinking what it means to have an exhibition. She will offer artists assistance with grant proposals and artist statements, as well as informal chats about art and what it means to be an artist.

@jadfad Room Sheet (opens in a new window)

Image: Amber Boardman '@jadefad: Before and after open bar. Complete carnage last night. I’m thinking I must be a character made out of paint?!', 2018. Oil on canvas, 76cm x 204cm.

Print catalog available with an essay by Brigitte Mulholland, Director of Anton Kern Gallery, New York

Photos: Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer

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