The Joke Is On You

Kieran Bryant, Theresa Chromati (USA), Beth Dillon, Fresh and Fruity (NZ), Emily Galicek, Matthew Harris, Ben Thomas Jones, Shahmen Suku, Natalie Synnott , Alana Wesley 

Curated by Emily Galicek

4 April- 21 April, 2018

Opening night Tuesday 3 April 2018- 5-8 PM

Opening Night Performances

6:30PM: Radha La Bia (Shahmen Suku)

7:15PM: Beth Dillon

The Joke is On You provokes differing uses of humour as artistic strategy, with a particular focus on its potential for critique of wider social and intersectional issues. The works in this exhibition pay homage to and expand upon moments of humour within art history: at times they present a humorous and queer re-imagining of histories. 

As a collection of works in dialogue with one another, there is a sense of oscillation between highbrow and lowbrow humour. The works don’t “laugh at,” but instead “laugh with.” They are nuanced: appearing serious until you look hard enough and realise they aren’t, or works that tread a fine line between laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy.  

The mediums utilised among the artists are reflective of current contemporary practice: the use of phone and computer-generated photographs and videos, text-based works, performance and expanded painting.  

Special thanks to Georgia Hobbs 

The Joke Is On You Room Sheet (opens in a new window)

Image: Matthew Harris, Dom Top, 2017, synthetic polymer paint on linen.
Images courtesy of the artists and Kudos Gallery. Photos: Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer

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