Naomi Segal and Mika Benesh

Space One
21 February - 10 March 2018

Opening night Tuesday 20 February 2018, 5-8 PM

RECOVER / REORIENT examines cultural recovery, friendship and collaborative art-making as sources of comfort. Drawing from Mika’s Jewish background and Naomi’s Chinese-Jewish background, the exhibition emphasises remembrance: the act of recovering personal and intergenerational history.

Much of the work is collaborative – guided by a gentle exploration of materials as well as a mutual sensitivity for transience, fragility and warmth. Fragmental images and narratives are uncovered on paper, video projections, silk and glass, accumulating into a sensory archive that offers stability in the artists’ identities. In this space, you are invited to contemplate the vulnerable experience of memory, becoming conscious of the value of remembrance.

Cover Image: (From left to right) Mika Benesh ‘Nineteen Seventy-Eight’, 2017 Graphite drawing on paper, 15x15cm. Naomi Segal ‘Abu’s hassling me again’, 2018 Graphite and digital print on paper, 15.5x13.5cm. Mika Benesh ‘The History of Remembering’, 2017 Graphite and photographs on paper booklet, 15x10cm. Naomi Segal ‘Abu’, 2018 Heat transfer on paper, 13x20.5cm. Naomi Segal Untitled notebook page, 2017 Acrylic paint and graphite on paper, 7.5x10.5cm. Untitled photo of Yun Xia Segal, taken by Phillip Segal. c. 1997.

Courtesy of the artists and Kudos Gallery. Photos: Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer

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