At That Exact Moment

Angela Garrick

Space One
5 - 22 July, 2017

Exhibition Opening: Tuesday 4 July 2017, 5-7pm

At that exact moment, a new exhibition by Angela Garrick, seeks to excavate the intricacies of both personal and public memory through the mirror of the contemporary event. After a research period in which the artist has collected a selection of responses from the public, the resulting exhibition will present a collection of written and verbal accounts detailing personal recollections and remembrances regarding two celebrity deaths. 

The exhibition will examine concepts of social archeology, excavating a sense of cultural personal correlation, family communication, generational difference and the role of the media in contemporary society. We see an evolution of modes of communication, processes of remembrance, and the uses of technology to disseminate information between the two dates mentioned.

At That Exact Moment continues the artist’s project of establishing situations that examine at the nature of public engagement and authenticity, collective and personal memories and how they coalesce with media and cultural history. Through these continued research and practical experiments, the artist will move towards questioning and revealing notions of ‘unofficial’ and ‘official’ public knowledge and dissemination of information, especially from prior to the pre-24 hour news cycle and pre-internet era.

Read Gabrielle Chantiri's document confirming the opening of At that exact moment 4 July 2017 at Kudos Gallery produced as part of the Emerging Critics Award


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