Bruno Panucci

Space Two
17 May - 3 June, 2017
Opening Night Tuesday 16 May 2017, 5-7pm

Performance Times:
Tuesday May 16 - 5 - 6pm
Wednesday May 17 - 11am - 2pm
Friday May 19 - 11am - 6pm
Saturday May 27 - 11am - 4pm
Wednesday May 31 - 11am - 2pm

Drawn from their own experience of intercontinental relocation and the subsequent feelings of up-rootedness upon ‘homecoming’, emerging artist Bruno Panucci shares observations from the aircraft seat which acts as a metonymy for (extra)personal states of transition in the liminal space that is the Fuselage.

The installation is activated by a segmented twenty-hour durational performance, mapping the personal but also complicating, for eclectic audiences, the uncanny and abstract notion of ‘home' - as both a nowhere and now/here state. Like the aeroplane, Fuselage and its inhabitants are ever changing and in constant transit. Offering the prophetic potential to reimagine these non-spaces, spaces between temporality and location, in a post-nation narrative. 

Or in the musings of Alain De Botton, “with the inflight tray, we make ourselves at home in this unhomely place.”

1) Alain De Botton, “The Art Of Travel”. Chapter II: On traveling places. Pp 45.

Image: Bruno Panucci, Fuselage (detail). Performance activated installation. 2017


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