E.O Gill

5 - 22 April 2017
Opening Night Tuesday 4 April 2017, 5-7pm 

Tribute is a video installation engaging with the aesthetics of reality TV and amateur porn including low-fi, low-res image quality and camera styles. The work operates like schizophrenic verse using amateur, camp performance, badly formed character arcs and cheap costuming to explore a range of narrative themes.

As theorist Jord:ana Rosenberg writes “being lost requires an extension of the body into space.”

Tribute asks how we might extend our understanding of the ways in which bodies are sexualised, gendered and defined by how they extend into space. How can feelings of disorientation and getting lost particular to amateur and indeterminate images be understood as queering heteronormative processes of becoming like reproductive order, enforced gender constructs and nuclear family structures?

Through the performances of its central characters Catmeat, Candy and Neil, the work explores queer culture, identity as roleplay and the struggle between individual expression and communal belonging.

The concept for this project forms part of the artist’s Masters by Research at UNSW Art and Design.

List of artists participating:

Makeup Artist – Anastasia Zaravinos

Performer – Nat Randall

Digital Photographer – Zoe Wong

Film Photographer - Spence Messih

Photo Editor – Alexander Tanazefti

Text Graphics - Charlie Cummings

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