Good Thanks, How Are You?

Siân Davies and Lily Golightly

Space One
22 February - 11 March 2017
Opening Night Tuesday 21 February 2017, 5-7pm

Good thanks, how are you? is an exhibition of works by Siân Davies and Lily Golightly.In this series, both artists are interested in the everyday and the ordinary. Seeing the potential in otherwise meaningless materials that they collect, playfulness is underscored by humour. They are interested in collecting, arranging, changing and adapting these materials into works that remain tentative and playful. They remain closely engaged, yet their practices remain separate. 

Sian’s minimal style, repetition and tentative combinations are a product of uncertainty and a questioning of the incessant requirement for artists to construct profound meaning. Lily collects lightweight, unassuming scraps and objects. She approaches these materials tenderly, as if she feels the need to take care of the things she has found. 

Image: Blueberries, 2016, Lily Golightly, blueberry container, tape, paper, dimensions variable.

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