Collusive Miscellany

Amy Claire Mills and Bailey Lobb

Space Two
11 - 28 January 2017
Opening Night Tuesday 10 January 2017, 5-7pm

Collusive Miscellany is an exhibition of recent performance works by Amy Claire Mills and Bailee Lobb.

This exhibition marks the first time these existing works have been situated in conversation with each other within one gallery space. The installed fabrics were created during the duo’s speculative exploration of thermoplastic moulding – a technique that produces new volumes and forms in fabric by reshaping the polyester polymers through complex tying patterns and heat manipulation. As the resulting fabrics billow through the space the artists use their body’s to perform with, and continue to manipulate, the fabric and its surrounding space. As cloth rolls over skin and body the tactile experience started through the thermoplastic process continues and their body’s become, yet another, mechanism for understanding collaborative process.

Image: Amy Claire Mills and Bailee Lobb, 'Collusion' (detail), 2016. Performance and Installation with mixed media and lame. Dimensions and duration variable. Photograph by Amy Claire Mills, 2016.

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