Off The Wall

Al Poulet

20 - 23 July 2016
Opening Night: Tuesday 19 July 2015, 5-7pm

In this exhibition my painting comes Off The Wall. A hybrid of painting, performance and installation will be created inside Kudos Gallery. Each day performative elements of the installation will be added and subtracted.

It is the moment that is captured during my painting that is also similar to the moment of performance. The reaction to the current situation, the colours, the light or the food I had for breakfast contributes towards the action and outcome. From these initial paintings I seek to draw a link to my performance practice through the medium of installation. 

From interaction with place, elements and objects are collected and reinterpreted in the studio/gallery using my paintings as a guide for action. These painting installations are constantly developing. The interaction between painting and object is paramount in communicating the performative elements of my practice. This exhibition will form a major part of my Masters research for 2016 looking at the link between painting and performance art.

Image: Al Poulet, 'Installation #1', 2016.

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