Mitchel Cumming, 110% Collective (Beth Dillon, Kieran Bryant and Lachlan Herd), Marian Tubbs, Alex Gawronski, Make or Break (Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo), Dara Gill, JD Reforma and Cooper Michael in addition to Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo leading public programs in conversation with Benjamin Forster and Clare Cooper.

Curated by Anna May Kirk

18 May- 28 May 2016
Opening Night: Tuesday 17 May 2016, 5-7 PM 2016
Public Program The Third Chair: 21 May 2016; 1-4 PM

'ART/WORK' will explore the intersection of art and labour, art economies, and the nature of the artist as 'worker'. It will pose the question; is the artist the ideal model for the post-fordian worker, creative, flexible and cheap as artists deal in an economy of ideas and models of experience capitalism. The exhibition will reflect upon the unique economic position of the artist as creator of both financial and cultural value. Making invisible labours visible and analysing the transformation of value through the poetic process of materials and concepts becoming art. Drawing upon ideas of economic success, leisure, free and favour economies, transformative value, and artist as labourer, 'ART / WORK' is aimed to act as an education platform. Incorporating a library area, a publication and a series of public programs with performances these ideas will be explored and expanded upon. 

Public Program
'The Third Chair' will convene an open discussion about invisible labour in the arts, focusing particularly on the role of the 'artist biography’ as a construct that serves to perpetuate myths surrounding art work and artistic labour. 

'The Third Chair' is a space for cake and conversation, initiated by artists Rebecca Gallo and Connie Anthes in response to their live art project Make or Break. Inviting artists and thinkers from their extended networks to inhabit a ‘third chair’ for an hour or two, the artists host earnest, intimate and open conversations as a form of public enquiry into studio and post-studio practices, art as labour, social practice and intangible economies.  

Join Make or Break artists Rebecca Gallo + Connie Anthes in conversation with Benjamin Forster (A Library, Frontyard Projects) and Clare Cooper (The Now Now Festival, Splinter Orchestra).

This conversation will be followed by the launch of the publication Make or Break by Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo, which features contributions by David Eastwood and Bek Conroy.

Image: Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo, Make or Break. Photos: Gavin Pili and Zoe May

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