Dislike Beach Water

Tom Mason

17 - 26 September 2015 
Opening Night Tuesday 22 September 2015, 5-7PM

Long reef beach in Sydney has the building blocks of infrastructure in clay, sand and grass which, mixed together creates a material similar to concrete. Long reef is a nature reserve therefore raw material shouldn't be moved. What is the potential of the beach when you pick up these materials, mixing them to create permanent and/or functional structures?

This is done in and out of view of beach visitors. Some structures are habitable while others make the beach easier to use in cooking for example while others are sculptural. At Kudos I will be displaying some of the building methods I have been experimenting with and general ways I like to use the beach.

Guest artists: Cooper Michael & James Williams

Long Reef beach is on the land of the Eora nation.

Event Image: Tom Mason, Process image for 'Dislike Beach Water'
ID: A wheelbarrow on a beach. The wheelbarrow has yellow rims, and the tray is lined with a white sheet of plastic. The tray is filled sand in varying earth tones; dark brown, beige, orange and grey.


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