Monster Island

Shannon Field

10-14 March 2015 
Opening Night: Tuesday 10 March 2015, 5-7 PM

Monster Island explores contemporary Australian masculinities through its fractured colonial past. In particular the exhibition addresses the manner in which Australian masculinity is haunted by Europe's monstrous binary representation of both the physical island space of Australia and the deviant performance of convict masculinity. However the motley crew of convict vampires, ghosts and zombies that navigate across my work, critically refuse this binary notion. Instead their Gothic fragmentation speaks to the productive possibilities located around the monstrous and the marginalised. In this context the question of difference and its relationship to contemporary masculinity is located not around discourses of lack but instead around the affective force of repetition.

Image: Window Shopping: A Phantasmagorical Guide for Talking to Convicts 2013. Mixed media installation, Dimension Variable.

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