Laura Anthony, Sally Charlton, Veronica Dunn, Kristy Hewison, Janelle Huang, Fiona LU, Anitra Metzler, Grace Park, Marcia Swaby, Anna Wales, Arianna Wenceslao, Jessica Wood and Fion Yau. 

11 November - 22 November 2014 
Opening Night Tuesday 11 November 2014, 5 - 7 PM

Ontogeny  describes the development and evolution of an entity, from the earliest stages to maturity. This exhibition is a focus on the progression and transformation of an initial idea, through a series of material experimentations into a final resolved work of contemporary jewellery.

ID: Three sculptural metal pieces of jewellery against a white background. The sculptures have curved bases with flat lids on top. The lids are open ajar like seed pods, and decorated with organic three dimensional elements.

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