UNSW Queer Collective 

2 September - 6 September 2014 
Opening Night Tuesday 2 September 2014, 5 - 7 PM

Permutations  is a contemporary family portrait. The gallery will visually reflect the LGBTIQA community at COFA and UNSW, where our most common similarity, is difference. Through artworks of self-expression that focus on the personal, the exhibition becomes a wider conversation about identity, society, community, gender, love, sex, strength, transformation, survival, loss and learning from a variety of perspectives. These perspectives are expressed through a variety of media, from painting and drawing, to photography, video, installation and performance.
ID: A black and white watercolour illustration of two women in wartime clothing, embracing. One is dressed in military uniform, and the other is wearing a dress with puffed sleeves, looking lovingly at the woman in uniform. Text in a banner at the bottom of the image reads "Love is Timeless". Behind the banner is a ship's steering wheel. The borders of the image form an oval vingette of clouds, and a flock of birds in the background.

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