Beneath Horizons: Australian Desert Landscape

Julia Featherstone 

6 May - 17 May 2014 
Opening Night Tuesday 13 May 2014, 5 - 7 PM

Beneath Horizons: Australian Desert Landscape critiques preconceptions that most urban-dwelling Australians cling to the rim of the metaphorical saucer, rarely venturing inside to experience the desert landscape. Consequently, our concept of the desert is configured from cultural histories, mythologies, maps, televisual and cinematic constructs. We imagine the desert, but without going there. We don't feel the red sand between our toes; experience the freedom of endless space; or see expansive flat horizons that activate our senses and transform the desert into a spiritual place. 

Julia Featherstone brings six tons of red desert sand for you to walk barefoot, interact and be 'out there' in the emptiness. 

ID: View of a flat desert plane. A person in the mid-ground carries a card table over their head. They are walking away from the camera. The foreground shows a line of footprints behind the person. In the foreground is a mass of footprints circling around an area.

Image: Julia Featherstone

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