Forgotten Faces: The Greeks of Constantinople 1870-1920

The Greek Festival of Sydney

1 April - 12 April 2014  

The popularity of portrait photography in the later 19th century has preserved an intimate window into the lives of the Greek community of Constantinople (Istanbul). Created as a means of recording family and social life, these early images attest to a dynamic, prosperous and robust urban community, which generally lived well within a multi-ethnic setting. These previously unpublished photographs are made all the more poignant by the fact that, in most cases, the identity of their subjects is unknown.

ID: A sepia photoshoot image of a young boy aged around seven years old. One elbow is resting on the side of an ornately carved side-table. In the other hand he is holding a straw hat at his side. He is wearing lace up boots. Text on a scroll below reads "TH. VAFIADIS CONSTANTINOPLE".

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