Shinara Armitage 

18 March - 22 March 2014 
Opening Night Tuesday 18 March 2014, 5 - 7 PM

Finding a position for breaking down the looping nature of reality and mind is an improbable possibility. However, manifestations of the relationship between the two can be formed through their conceptual and metaphorical expressions.  It is difficult to align with a particular point of view and allow new perspectives to be revealed with the understanding that all outcomes are inherent within that given experience, form or action. 

A failure to associate the connection between the internal surveillance of mind and the external surveillance of reality has resulted in expression in its most general term being reduced to its lowest denominator. Thus the processes of reality are simplified, void of internal response and are left exposing the in-between state of binary language between all planes of existence. 

This conceptual framework is by no means limited and merely a point of reference by which the viewer can create their own engagements. The interconnected nature of each piece to its neighbouring piece may not initially show narrative, but with time it will - because it can. 

ID: A desaturated image of an outstretched hand on a white background. The hand is viewed from front-on, with the fingertips out of focus.
Image: Shinara Armitage

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