In Through the Out Door

Naaz Hanson-Kerr 

4 February - 8 February 2014 
Opening Night Tuesday 4 2014, 5 - 7 PM

In Through the Out Door is Naaz Hanson-Kerr's cross-disciplinary exploration of the interplay between two- and three-dimensionalities. Working in the expanded field of painting with "Expansive Immersive (Broome series)", she creates tangible forms from pigmented canvas to evoke the Broome landscape; "Damaged Goods" is a miniature painting of a crumpled image of a flower, its location requiring the viewer to traverse the length of the gallery and up stairs for viewing, with a mobile app link offering further insights; a variety of other works offer alternate investigations into the theme. Naaz invites viewer participation through indexical signs, scale,a QR code linked to social media and embodied interaction; often with a sense of humour.

ID: Painting of gathered ribbons strung horizontally into a single cable.  the ribbons are orange, and twisted so that the grey reverse side can be seen. The larger cable hangs low in the picture frame with slack, emphasising the three-dimensionality of individual ribbons and the space between them.
Image: Naaz Hanzon-Kerr

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