The Freedman Foundation Scholarship 2011

Exhibition Opening: 1 September
1 September - 10 September 

The Freedman Foundation is a private philanthropic organisation which donates funding to the visual arts, music, medicine and science. Each year, several emerging Australian artists are supported by the Freedman Foundation to head overseas to gain inspiration and guidance in the development of their art practice. The alumni include some of the country's most talented and well respected artists such as David Griggs, Jess McNeil, Sean Corderio and Sangeeta Sandrasegar, an affirmation of the success of the Scholarship and the high regard for the winners.

Since its inception, the generous scholarship has contributed one quarter of a million dollars, spread amongst 50 artists over a 10-year period to aid their gaining professional career development experience abroad.

This year the official opening of the Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship exhibition will form part of the WAH program. The exhibition will showcase the talents of emerging artists presenting the work of 2011 scholars alongside that of the returning 2009 scholars. The winners of the 2011 Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship will be formally announced at a special opening brunch being held on Friday 2 September 2011.

ID: Photo-montage of several view of a woman's face with blonde hair and bangs. Behind her are wild cats, and a background of star fields and lightning strikes.

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