The Free Market

Lauren Carroll Harris

Opening Night: 1 June
1 June - 11 June

Foodwise estimates that tens of millions of kilograms of safe edible fresh food and groceries are discarded in Australia every year. Meanwhile, two million Australians - or one in ten - live below the poverty line and rely on food relief, and a million children don't always get enough to eat. The problem is not that we don't produce enough food - feeding the hungry cannot be seen merely as achieving higher production levels in agriculture, but radically changing the way we produce and distribute food.

Rather than selling artworks from the gallery, "The Free Market" will collect surplus food and other goods from local businesses, creatively install them in the space, and freely distribute the goods to whomever wants them. This way, "The Free Market" will point to socially and environmentally sustainable alternatives to the current for-profit system of food distribution, divert perfectly safe food and goods from landfill, and provide a service for those in need.

ID: Graphic on a red background reading "The Free Market" inside a white circle. Subtext around the outer circle reads "An experiment in sustainable distribution of basic goods"

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